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 Guided Missile

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The Erik

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PostSubject: Guided Missile   Guided Missile Icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2008 10:21 am

okey.. i'm gonna teach you how to make a wired homing missile.

Items needed

1. First, find yourself an explosive prop. It doesn't matter which, but a long, rectangular shaped one, like the Phx Amraam Missile is preferred.

2. now add the following items to the missile:

-Beacon sensor - position doesn't matter

-Target finder - position doesn't matter

-wire thruster - Mul 10000 - effect: smoke - placed on the back of the missile

-GPS - placed on the back of the wire thruster (weld it to the missile too, for stability)

-Vector thruster - on the tip of the missile. Note: after placing the vector thruster, unweld it, nocollide it with all, and move it an inch into the missile. This is to make sure that the explosive prop hits first, and thereby blowing up.

-3 subtract chips - position doesn't matter - name them X, Y and Z, as i will refer to these as the X-chip, the Y-chip, and the Z-chip.
(they are found under Gate - arithmetic)

-2 Numpad inputs with differet keys - Toggle - position doesn't matter

Wiring it all together:
time to grab your trusty wire, or wire advanced tool.

1. wire 'Target' on The Beacon Sensor to the target Finder. Output: 1

2. wire 'A' on the X-chip, to 'X' on the GPS

3. wire 'A' on the Y-chip, to 'Y' on the GPS

4. wire 'A' on the Z-chip, to 'Z' on the GPS

5. Wire 'B' on the X-chip to 'World_X' on the beacon sensor

6. Wire 'B' on the Y-chip to 'World_Y' on the beacon sensor

7. Wire 'B' on the Z-chip to 'World_Z' on the beacon sensor

8. Wire 'X' on the Vector thruster to the X-chip

9. Wire 'Y' on the Vector thruster to the Y-chip

10. Wire 'Z' on the Vector thruster to the Z-chip

11. Wire 'A' on your wire thruster to your first Numpad Input

12. wire 'A' on your Vector Thruster to your second Numpad Input

just to get it to run smoothly

1. Grab your weight tool

2. Set the weight of all the wire stuff (Except Vector Thruster!!!) to 1

3. Set weight of your explosive prop to 20

Operating the Rocket

1. Adjust your Target finder to the target you want, by setting it's options, and refreshing it.

2. make the missile point straight up

3. Activate your normal wire thruster by pressing the button of your first numpad input

*Rocket goes upwards*

4. Activate your Vector thruster by pressing the numpad button of your second numpad input.

*Rocket goes straight towards target and blows it to smithereens*

Have fun now!

taking your time to align props correctly, and doing things very precisely, is the key to make this run smoothly.

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Guided Missile
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