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 Adv Pod Controller

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PostSubject: Adv Pod Controller   Adv Pod Controller Icon_minitimeFri Oct 10, 2008 6:50 pm

My First tutorial for wire over a forum.
This tells you how to make a wired controlled customized car.

1.Firstly take a simple object for example a 2x2 phx square and add normal wheels to each side like a car.

2.Then weld a pod to the car (you can find pods in the vehicles section on the menu on the top left hand of the 'q' list)
obviously don't pick a vehicle that already works unless u want to add thrusters to it. i would select a airboat seat.

3. Go into wire tools located in the top right hand corner of the 'q' list and select adv pod controller then place it anywhere on the car.

4. while still using the adv pod controller tool right click on the pod controller then right click on the pod. it should say pod linked.
to check if u linked it get into the pod and if the pod controller turns green its linked.

5. add things like wire thrusters for going forwards and backwards and ones on the side for turning and wire turrets if you want.

6. Now select the adv.wire tool usually around the bottom of the wire list. using the tool click on a wire thruster,turret, whatever which is wire then click on the adv pod controller and it should come up with the list of keys and scroll to the one you want to link so when your in the car you can use it then click on it.

Now your customized car should work Smile

If when using the adv wire tool on a wire thruster to link it and it says wire source invalid while looking at the wire thruster press 'r'. Very Happy

I hope this helps.
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PostSubject: Re: Adv Pod Controller   Adv Pod Controller Icon_minitimeFri Oct 10, 2008 8:07 pm

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Adv Pod Controller
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